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Brightburn's second trailer doubles down on the superpowered creepiness

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Mar 6, 2019

The James Gunn-produced horror film Brightburn blew fans out of the water when its first trailer dropped after months of radio silence from the beleagured Guardians of the Galaxy director.

If things aren't working out with the MCU, it looks like horror is happy to have him. Director David Yarovesky, working from a script by Mark and Brian Gunn (James' brother and cousin, respectively), has created a horror film centered on an evil superhero that may bear a slight resemblance to the Man of Steel.

Now with the second trailer - featuring a cast including Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, and Jackson A. Dunn - released today, fans can start seeing how closely the film will spin the classic origin story.

Check it out:

After a rehash of the alien-to-Earth origin story, the symbol-scrawling kid shows off his powers and gets weird fast. Parental conflict and plenty of bullying gives the new trailer the vibe of a revenge horror flick that just happens to have some superpowers in the mix. And yeah, it's gonna be gory.

Brightburn will burn up the screen on May 24.

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