Bright's Will Smith-led fantasy cop thriller charges into its final trailer, guns blazing

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Dec 12, 2017

Netflix’s Bright is trying to toe every genre line it can stretch its legs toward. It’s a police thriller in a Dungeons & Dragons world, where humans, orcs, elves, and fairies co-exist in Los Angeles -- though their coexistence has some satirical real-world race strain, as Daryl Ward (star Will Smith) says, “Fairy lives don’t matter today, as he crushes a small being with a broom.”

Now that the final trailer is out, which you can watch below, the breadth of Bright’s strange ambition is clear.


The Smith and Joel Edgerton (playing Ward’s partner Nick Jacoby) duo have plenty of fantasy-influenced banter but ultimately still break out the big guns and unload Hollywood levels of bullets for Suicide Squad director David Ayer. You may think orcs, humans, and elves might use more fantasy-centric weapons, but they’re mostly automatic, aside from a brief shot of Ward holding a sword.

It’s a dark trailer, with dimly lit action as the cop partners “[fight] off orcs, fairies and one atomic blonde elf played by Noomi Rapace,” as the film’s press release synopsizes. The plot focuses on a magical wand that’s actually a weapon, “a nuclear weapon that grants wishes,” as Jacoby whispers in the trailer, and the relationship between its orc/human buddy cops.

However, with the sheer amount of car crashes, gunshots, and explosions that the $90 million film’s last trailer displayed, it seems like plot may not be the film’s focus. Netflix is flexing its budgetary muscles to show that it can produce big genre films like any other studio, and come Dec. 22, we’ll see if it pays off.