Brilliant 'What If' comic imagines a Spider-Man who fought in 'Nam

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Dec 16, 2012

There are plenty of people on the Internet who conjure all kinds of never-gonna-happen scenarios featuring their favorite comics characters, but few of them are as talented as James Stokoe, who writes and draws the bloody, awesome Orc Stain for Image. And his Spider-Nam is a perfectly rendered slice of terrific.

Judging by these scant few pages, Stokoe's story is framed by a letter that Peter Parker, American soldier in 'Nam, is writing home to Aunt May. And, given the Marvel Universe's penchant for grounding its heroes in the real world, this feels less like self-indulgent fan fiction and more like a lost Spider-Man story from the early '70s.

I hope Marvel takes note, because I'd pay to read the rest of this.

(via ComicsAlliance)

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