British classic Captain Scarlet to get high-def restoration

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Oct 2, 2017, 4:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons was a classic British TV show about a sinister alien invasion and a hero who was immune to their nefarious ways. In good news for fans of hidden gems, io9 says it’s about to be restored to its original glory.

Did we mention it was made in Supermarionation, from the makers of Thunderbirds, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson? Yeah, it’s puppets. Sometimes, if the lighting is right, you can see the strings.

But it doesn't mean it wasn't awesome. The show was a darker take on an alien invasion: Humans made the first move against the Mysterons’ outpost on Mars. In retaliation, the Mysterons — a technologically superior race — duplicate world leaders and recreate them under Mysteron control. The human is destroyed in the process.

Captain Scarlet had been Mysteron'd, but in the scene below, Captain Blue killed him shortly thereafter. When he was revived, he still had all of Captain Scarlet’s memories ... as well as Mysteron invulnerability. He was also able to sense when someone else wasn't as human as they appeared.

If that isn’t intriguing enough, Captain Scarlet also had a tough female flying squad (the Angels) and multiracial cast: Captain Green was Trinidadian, Melody Angel was African-American, and Harmony Angel was Chinese.

io9 writes that the first volume of Captain Scarlet episodes will hit Blu-ray later this year, with later episodes in the 32-episode series coming later. And the reason for this Blu-ray goodness? Unlike other shows that were filmed on low-def videotape, Captain Scarlet was produced on actual 35mm film.

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