British politician, if elected, wants the BBC to cut Doctor Who

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Apr 22, 2015, 1:49 PM EDT (Updated)

It's general election time in the United Kingdom, and citizens there are hearing different promises from politicians across the political spectrum. There's one particular politician, however, with whom we cannot agree on a particular issue: Leader of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) Nigel Farage wants to cancel Doctor Who.

According to the Independent, "the BBC should be 'cut back to the bone' and stop producing popular entertainment programming, Nigel Farage has said." 

This means if Farage and UKIP have their way, BBC broadcasts could be reduced to "local news coverage, arts programmes and religious broadcasts."

The British Broadcasting System, producer of Doctor Who, has been making soap operas, sitcoms and science fiction since it started airing its own programming in 1932. The BBC is a public broadcasting company, one that every person in the U.K. with a television pays for via annual licensing fees; currently, it costs £145.50 a year for a color TV license.

Farage's reason to cancel Doctor Who, Sherlock, Call the Midwife and even the classic soap EastEnders? It would reduce licensing fees to a mere £50 a year (also, we suspect, because he wants to kill fun).

The U.K. election for the 56th Parliament will take place on May 7, 2015. May the best candidate who doesn't want to stab our favorite Time Lord in the hearts win.

Via The Independent.