Bruce Campbell in Ash vs. Evil Dead
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Bruce Campbell is 'retired' from Ash Williams and Evil Dead

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Apr 24, 2018, 4:53 PM EDT (Updated)

Last week, the word came down that Starz had canceled Ash vs. Evil Dead after a three-season run. And while fans held out hope that the series could potentially find another home, the star of the show, Bruce Campbell, has indicated that Sunday’s Ash vs. Evil Dead series finale will be the end of his 37-year run as Ashley J. Williams. 

Campbell made the announcement that he is retired from playing Ash in response to a tweet from horror site Bloody Disgusting, which was attempting to find support to bring Ash to another network or streaming service. However, Campbell doesn’t want the show to be saved, and he appears to be at peace with letting his character go out with one final blaze of glory. 

Just because Sunday’s episode is the end of the series doesn’t necessarily mean that Ash vs. Evil Dead will have a tidy happy ending for Ash and the Ghostbeaters. It was a tradition for the Evil Dead movies to leave Ash in a cliffhanger. Even Army of Darkness would have left Ash far from home in the original ending for that film. 

With Williams content to let Ash ride off into the sunset, it appears less likely he will reprise his role on the big screen if the modern Evil Dead ever gets another sequel. Williams had a cameo appearance as Ash in the post-credits scene, and he had suggested several times that Ash might team up with Jane Levy’s Mia Allen. We’d still like to see that, but we’ll settle for an Evil Dead sequel that’s at least as intense as director Fede Álvarez’s take on that world. And if we can’t have Ash, then we’d still love to have Mia back as a solo heroine.