Bruce Campbell talks the Evil Dead TV series and its multiple-seasons plan

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Feb 21, 2015, 9:44 AM EST (Updated)

Filming on Starz’s upcoming Ash vs. Evil Dead 10-part TV series will begin soon (in April, it so happens) in New Zealand, and Confessions of a B Movie Actor’s Bruce Campbell has opened up a bit about his iconic character of Ash Williams and the upcoming half-hour horror comedy show set to hit our TV screens later this year. In an interview with Dread Central, Campbell said of his “aging lothario”:

“I’m bringing everything to the table. It’s a feisty version of Ash, who’s grizzled and just wants to be left alone.”

Dread’s Sean Decker expanded on this by adding that he’d had the chance to read an early version of the pilot last year, saying that we are introduced to more of a nomadic Ash, who’s haunted by traumatic memories and is still being pursued by deadites, who’ve followed him right to the Midwestern trailer parks in which he’s been forced to live. Much as he did in the previous Evil Dead movies, Ash now works at Ted’s Superclub (in the same vein of S-Mart, we suppose) as a stockroom trainee while his evenings are spent chasing the ladies at roadside bars.

Campbell also touched upon the recent casting of Ray Santiago as Ash’s “idealistic immigrant sidekick” Pablo Simon Bolivar, and Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly Maxwell, who’s described as a “moody wild child” trying to escape her past. And in doing so, Campbell revealed the awesome long-term plan for the upcoming series:

“I was there during the casting process, and they’re very talented. Aside from the ensemble [aspect], they each needed to be able to hold their own because they’ll have their own series of missions. It’s an epic tale. How could you not [plan for that]? I’m a strong proponent of the ‘big picture’ plan, and we are planning for five seasons.”

The former Xena: Warrior Princess and Burn Notice star also let us in on what to expect with Ash vs. Evil Dead, saying:

“We are competitive with ‘The Walking Dead,’ like, ‘We’ll show those f***ers!’ [Our] Deadites are very clever. They not stupid shufflers. They can mimic people; they can drive cars. They’re a fun threat. They [‘The Walking Dead’] are right up there [though] with being responsible for the current resurgence [of horror].”

Co-produced by Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi, who will also direct the pilot, Ash vs. Evil Dead is slated to air later in the year. Are you happy to learn there's a definite, five-seasons plan for the series?

(via Dread Central)