Bruce Campbell teases Ash vs. Evil Dead, imposes 5 rules for Hollywood

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Mar 25, 2021, 10:00 PM EDT (Updated)

When you have the career and chin of Bruce Campbell, you have a lot to smile about. There were smiles a plenty when the actor recently joined SYFY for a special screaning of Evil Dead 2, and talked with SYFY WIRE's Aaron Sagers about what makes the film special to him.

"It's fun to see a crude, inventive movie," Campbell said of Evil Dead 2. "It's weird to look back. Movies were less digital back then."

Campbell also recently published a new book, "Hail to the Chin," giving further insight to his personal experiences as an actor through a comedic lens. In it, he shares his five steps to Hollywood success, which are a bit... personal:

"Who is Bruce Campbell? Get me Bruce Campbell. Get me a Bruce Campbell type. Get me a young Bruce Campbell. Who is Bruce Campbell?" he deadpanned.

As for the future of Ash, Campbell teased that Season 3 of Ash Vs. Evil Dead could be the last, and the end of the character altogether... unless they get renewed.

"Who says I haven't [hung up the chainsaw]? We've finished [filming] Season 3 of Ash vs. Evil Dead. At the end of that season, it could go anywhere or nowhere," Campbell said, then added with a laugh, "If we don't get renewed for Season 4!"

Campbell will head next to New York Comic-Con, and he says the Comic-Con circuit is the new vaudeville.

"I think conventions are a big part of that, the live interaction with fans," he said. "Now everything is so digital and removed, it's the only place you can actually see someone right there."

Check out the full interview below for Campbell's thoughts on modern Hollywood archetypes (Robert Downey, Jr. and... Adam Sandler?), and much more.

Additional reporting by Lucas Siegel