Bruce Campbell's Soup is good food—and more!

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Jul 5, 2015, 4:54 PM EDT

Here's a list of our hottest (see Bruce Campbell's Cream of Darkness Soup) stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: Four labels from the Bruce Campbell's Soup Company

Your best comment: How about "Miami-Style Sam Chowder" in honor of Mr. Campbell's current role on the Spy Fi series "Burn Notice"?— Gilveron

Our story: AWESOME 30-min Batman fan film made in 21 days for only $27K!

Your best comment: "The budget for Christopher Nolan's 152-minute The Dark Knight? An estimated $185,000,000.

The budget for Aaron Schoenke's 30-minute Batman: City of Scars? $27,000!"

The ammount WB will get in court? Princeless!— MichaelSacal

Our story: NASA discovers crack in the Milky Way Doctor Who warned us about

Your best comment: I'm willing to risk the potential destruction of all that is and has ever been in the universe, if this means that Amy Pond might be real as well.— Cris

Our story: The 20 most anticipated sci-fi movies of 2011

Your best comment: I grew up loving comics and hoping that one day my favorite characters would be brought to life. I remember screaming like a girl when I saw the ad for the first JLA live action TV special. I watched the Spiderman and Hulk TV shows in the 70's religiously with great excitement.

Now I live in fear that Jonah Hex, and the 2011 crop of Marvel/DC flicks will completely kill the genre. Chris Nolan stopped the bleeding temporarily, but with the likes of Green Hornet, Johnny Storm/Captain America, and yet another potential DC catastrophe (ala "Superman Returns/Batman and Robin") I'm afraid Hollywood, and the public, will begin to run from these movies like the plauge.

*fingers crossed* Please, oh Please don't screw this up!— Luke Cage Jr

Our story: Image of the Day: Lightsaber guide 1977-1999 (CHART)

Your best comment: Just what every girl needs: a wardrobe of lightsabers for every outfit and every mood!

I want them all!— A.F.N. for Syfy

Our story: Image of the Day: Leonard Nimoy and his son on the Enterprise bridge

Your best comment: What we don't see is that they are both smiling at the burning corpse of Capt. Kirk. — theblackness

Our story: FX artist creates stunning tour of classic sci-fi spaceships

Your best comment: I was really hoping to see the MEGA-MAID. She really sucks.— Trialaccess

Our story: Bulked-up Jason Momoa's first official photo as Conan

Your best comment: Here's hoping THIS version sticks closer to the source material. REH = bettter story teller that JM. Just my opinion. If this turns into a franchise, hope that actually adapt some of Howard's stories and don't just use his character.— jbs780

Our story: Hustler spending record amount to make a 3-D Avatar porn film

Your best comment: If they're not careful, they'll put someone's eye out.— Cylon Betty

Our story: A look at the Star Wars Kid, 8 years later

Your best comment: Count me in the positive comments category for this young man! I never thought the video made him look like a fool. In fact, I was rather impressed that he didn't knock over the camera with all of his moves. I was far less coordinated as a kid and I, too, am thankful there weren't video cameras around for some of the stupid things I did.— Thogar

Our story: The (Illustrated) Hitchhiker's Guide to Daleks

Your best comment: Well, well.
A 'Wire post with ONLY positive comments? Make a note of it!

I concur, for the record.— JohnnyB.Damned

Our story: 20 (very amusing) tweets from the Death Star

Your best comment: UFettUrAss is the greatest tweet name ever. — ryan23

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