Find out about Bruckheimer's new Star Wars-esque movie

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Pirates of the Caribbean and Prince of Persia producer Jerry Bruckheimer has now turned his eyes toward space: His production company and Disney have combined forces and wallets to pick up Lightspeed, a script from Pirates co-writer Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii.

According to Variety, the plot follows a young space pilot who joins the Earth Interstellar Racing Team and must make his way across the galaxy just as war is about to break out.

Racing across the stars? Galactic conflict? Empire magazine describes it as "a blend of Speed Racer and Star Wars," which sounds a lot cooler than "Days of Thunder meets Battle Beyond the Stars," even if we'd still like them to go easy on the Speed Racer angle.

Bruckheimer plunked down $3.5 million for the script from his old pal Rossio, so you know it's gotta be good (yeah, right). Seriously, though, the idea does sound like fun. Plus, a new interstellar space opera that's actually entertaining could take away the sting that you know you're still feeling from the Star Wars prequels.

No word yet on when Lightspeed will lift off, but Bruckheimer wants to make it as a live-action film and possibly in 3-D. So get ready to watch those stars streak right out of the screen when our hero hits the gas!

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