Brutally honest trailer proves Into Darkness is the worst Trek ever

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Aug 21, 2013

After being voted the worst Star Trek movie of all time, Star Trek Into Darkness gets an Honest Trailer. The folks at ScreenJunkies really let the sequel have it. Apparently its biggest flaw is its startling similarity to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Since the classic was named the best Star Trek film of all time, you'd think that would gain Into Darkness some favor.

The trailer notes how Abrams not only lifts dialogue from Wrath of Khan, but also himself, so a lot of what you saw in 2009's Star Trek reared its head. On the technical side, that means more lens flare than your eyes can handle. Also, the reveal of John Harrison as Khan wasn't as dramatic as they thought. Most of us had already put the pieces together before the movie was released. Plus, for him to be such a maniac his motivations were quite noble. 

Check out all that and more below:

Do you agree with their brutal assessment?

(via THR)

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