Brutally honest trailer reads our minds about The Avengers' flaws

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Dec 17, 2012

Marvel's The Avengers is easily the biggest film of 2012. It broke box-office records while earning loads critical acclaim. But now that the dust has settled, was the film really that perfect? Every movie has flaws, and this brutally honest trailer puts The Avengers on the spot.

As a whole, Joss Whedon did a great job fusing multiple heroes into one coherent team. But some things slipped through the cracks, and the folks at ScreenJunkies noticed. In honor of The Avengers' Blu-ray and DVD release, they've premiered a new honest trailer that pokes fun at the problems we chose to ignore.

For example, Iron Man's second-string status, and Bruce Banner's sudden handle on the Hulk. Plus, the film's first 15-20 minutes were kind of "meh." But don't fret, there are some positives as well. It acknowledges that The Avengers' success single-handedly put all of DC Comics on suicide watch.

Does the trailer have some valid points?

(via ScreenJunkies)