Bryan Cranston reveals what it was really like working with Godzilla

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May 15, 2014, 7:07 PM EDT (Updated)

Serious thespian Bryan Cranston gives an honest and thoughtful response to the question of what working with Godzilla is like. 

If you asked someone else what it's like to work with a giant CGI lizard, they might tell you that Godzilla isn't real. That's right -- they'd ruin your childhood! Well, Godzilla is real, all right. I'd stake my career as an investigative journalist on it -- a job title which is also real.

Not only is Godzilla a real dude, he's also, apparently, a real @#$%, according to Cranston.

This is really unfortunate. They say you should never meet your heroes. And that is why I have never met Santa Claus or the Terminator.

Also, it's pretty obvious that everyone's primary complaint with Godzilla is that it isn't just two hours of Bryan Cranston fighting Godzilla with his bare fists.

(via Uproxx)

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