Bryan Fuller: 50/50 chance Hannibal is resurrected by a streaming service

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Jun 25, 2015

The show might not be a ratings juggernaut, but Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal remains one of the most critically beloved shows of this decade — and it ain’t dead yet.

After NBC pulled the plug following the series’ third season, word broke almost immediately that the studio and creative team would seek out a new home for the low-rated critical hit. According to Fuller, that’s not just wishful thinking. In an interview with Deadline, Fuller said he believes the odds are pretty much a coin flip at this point in regard to a pickup by a new outlet.

The most likely home? Amazon Prime. Fuller said Netflix has shown some interest in the series, but an existing streaming deal with Amazon Prime (streaming home for the first three seasons) will likely knock the home of House of Cards out of the running. Judging by Fuller’s comments, it sounds like Amazon could revive the series and set up Season 4 as a streaming exclusive:

"Honestly, I’m not sure. I would say 50/50. Because I’ve been down this road before and there’s that brief wave of “Oh it could be possible” and then it just doesn’t happen. But it feels like the way this particular show is set up there is potential for a deal to be done. I know conversations are being had. It’s just a matter if they can come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial to the studio and the distributor…

I do think that there is great benefit for Hannibal to be on a streaming service in terms of the enthusiasm of the fanbase and the accessibility that streaming services offer. It would open up an immediacy to the show in a way that we haven’t had before. But I love the idea of serving out to an audience course by course. So even if it ends up on a streaming service it might be interesting to break it down in a way that redefines streaming services."

Fans are already rallying to show support for Hannibal, and a fan petition could eventually score more signatures than the season finale had live viewers (kidding, mostly). Regardless of whether Amazon picks up the show, fans will likely have to wait a while for it to return, since Fuller is committed to Starz’ upcoming American Gods series for the next little while. But Fuller made it clear he would definitely like to do more Hannibal.

 What do you think? Would you like to see the killer series live on?


(Via Deadline)

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