Bryan Fuller exits Apple's Amazing Stories TV series revival

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Feb 7, 2018, 4:27 PM EST

The trend of Bryan Fuller leaving high-profile projects continued today, as he and Hart Hanson have reportedly exited Apple's relaunch of the classic anthology TV series Amazing Stories.

According to multiple sources, executive producer and showrunner Fuller and co-executive producer Hanson have vacated their positions due to "creative differences," though the separation is said to be amicable.

Fuller developed the relaunch of Amazing Stories (originally created by Steven Spielberg in 1985) for NBC, before Apple picked it up as part of the company's attempts to get in on the original content streaming game. Fuller is said to have wanted "a Black Mirror-type show" while Apple wanted "more family friendly fare." 

Fuller was also set to executive produce the show alongside Spielberg, Justin Falvey and Daryl Frank or Amblin Television, and Hanson. While The Hollywood Reporter had previously reported that Hanson would now "take on a larger role on the show," his would-be role as showrunner ended before it began as he too left after the same creative quarrel.

Though this news is unwelcome for fans of both Fuller and anthology television, it's hardly surprising at this point—Fuller has a history of playing musical showrunner chairs. He stepped down from Star Trek: Discovery in 2016, and then vacated American Gods last year after its successful first season. He is currently working with Paramount on adapting Anne Rice's classic Vampire Chronicles for television—here's hoping he stays put with that one. 

In the meantime, Amazing Stories will continue on, gearing up to take its viewers through "worlds of wonder through the lens of today's most imaginative filmmakers, directors and writers." 

Will you be watching a less-than-Fuller Amazing Stories? Do you think Fuller will be able to survive the vampires for more than a year? Do you miss his signature touch on Star Trek: Discovery? Let us know your thoughts below! 

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

This story has been updated to reflect Hanson's departure from the project.