Bryan Singer on bringing the X-Men to TV with Hellfire and Legion series

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May 9, 2016

While the X-Men cinematic universe is slowly expanding on the big screen with the recent addition of Deadpool and director Josh Boone’s in-the-works New Mutants, it will also unfold on the small screen thanks to upcoming TV series Legion and Hellfire.

20th Century Fox and Disney’s Marvel dream teams will unite for the first time to bring us FX’s Legion, starring Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) as David, the son of Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, and the titular character who’s described as “a haunted man, trying to find his way back to sanity, but he's getting tired and is about to give up when he meets the girl of his dreams.” Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Jean Smart (Fargo), Hamish Linklater (The Crazy Ones) and Rachel Keller (Fargo) also star.

They will also work hand in hand for Hellfire, a Fox TV series that will take place in the late 1960s (the setting of X-Men: First Class). The premise centers on “a young Special Agent who learns that a power-hungry woman with extraordinary abilities is working with a clandestine society of millionaires – known as 'The Hellfire Club' – to take over the world.”

Speaking with Variety, X-Men director Bryan Singer spoke about the TV shows (he will serve as executive producers on both series), hinting at some potentially intriguing storylines.

“I think the underbelly [could be explored],” Singer said. “There’s always something interesting about a school that’s got a military aspect beneath its classrooms. Is there another layer to all of that? Is there another layer to the Hellfire Club? The idea of, ‘Who’s running the world?’ — that’s something that was touched upon in ‘First Class’ but has yet to be fully explored. It just has to be explored in a very gentle, methodical way. And I’ve seen it go haywire. I’m not going to be specific where I believe it has. The audience will tell you. But when it’s done right, it all can connect.”

How much Singer will be involved in both series remains to be seen, and the rumors that he’s set to leave the X-Franchise behind after X-Men: Apocalypse (out May 27) to go helm 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea may not be as clear-cut as all that.

“When you spend nearly two decades in a universe, to simply say, ‘I’m done,’ or, ‘I’m going to abandon it,’ just wouldn’t make sense to me,” he said. “I’m very connected to this universe and a lot of these actors, and also the characters, whomever plays them. So never say never.”

What do you think about Bryan Singer's ideas for Legion and Hellfire?

(via Variety)

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