Bryan Singer explains why he may be too much of a fan to direct Trek

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May 30, 2013, 3:20 PM EDT (Updated)

We all know Bryan Singer is a Star Trek fan (heck, the guy even got to cameo in Star Trek: Nemesis) and that he’s been trying to get Trek back to TV for a while –- with Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal), no less. But would his "fanship" over Trek be a problem if he were to get his hands on the franchise?

In an interview with Danish website Filmz, Singer -- who's busy filming X-Men: Days of Futures Past -- talked about his love for Star Trek and whether he’d be interested in taking over:

"Yeah, well right now that's something J.J. is so involved in, so I don't know... I worry about it only in the sense that J.J. was not a huge Star Trek fan. So he was able to go into it much the way I went into X-Men, where I was not a huge X-Men fan. So you kinda make it your own and give it to a broader audience. I would wanna make sure that if I ever did something like a Star Trek or Star Wars film, that I was able to pull away from it and actually celebrate its strengths but at the same time not get too caught up in my 'fanship' over it. That would be my one thing that I'd caution myself on."

Then Singer was asked if that meant that he wasn’t exactly ruling out taking the Star Trek franchise over:

"No, you know... Also, it's one thing when you jump back into your own franchise like X-Men. When you jump into someone else's franchise... it's a big question you have to ask yourself."

Do you guys think that being a fanboy/girl/people of a major franchise could be a problem when getting involved with a big project such as Star Trek? Do you agree with the way Bryan Singer would approach the beloved franchise?

(via Trek Web)

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