Sophie Turner, Dark Phoenix, Simon Kinberg

Bryan Singer officially (aka via Instagram) passes the X-Men torch to Simon Kinberg

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Jun 15, 2017, 11:25 PM EDT

Amid all the X-citement of yesterday's Dark Phoenix news, you may have missed the official transfer of X-power. And by official, I mean via Instagram:

Yep, that's Bryan Singer, the director of the first two and last two X-Men films, passing the mutant torch to newly announced director Simon Kinberg. And Singer seems very confident in 20th Century Fox's choice, even if there are some folks worried about Kinberg's resume, seeing as the longtime go-to X-Men producer's only other reported directorial experience came during Fantastic Four's reshoots, which didn't exactly save that movie. And as ComicBookMovie points out: "This will also be Kinberg's second crack at the iconic storyline after he dropped the ball in X-Men: The Last Stand."

So yeah, some skeptics remain. But with Sophie Turner starring as Jean Grey, and Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoyn and Nicholas Hoult all returning, Kinberg will have plenty of talent to direct. And perhaps his first experience with the Phoenix story will help him see his way spectacularly through this next telling. What do you think?

(Via ComicBookMovie)