Bryan Singer responds to rumor Halle Berry is getting cut from X-Men: DOFP

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Mar 18, 2014, 2:06 PM EDT (Updated)

A rumor has been making the rounds that Halle Berry’s pregnancy might have led Bryan Singer to edit most of her scenes out of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and now the man himself has responded.

The rumor indicated that Berry’s pregnancy forced Singer to rewrite and reframe a lot of the Storm scenes, since she was apparently supposed to be in badass action mode. Which, you know, is tough to pull off with a baby bump.

She wouldn’t have been the first major X-Men star to get trimmed in this flick, which is cram-packed with cast members spanning the entire franchise saga. But according to Singer, it’s not true. Always one to interact with the fans, Singer issued a very simple denial via Twitter:

Can’t get much more direct than that. If anything, it’s certainly possible that Singer ended up trimming some scenes in the editing room, just not as many as first indicated, which isn’t uncommon at this phase in the process. This flick is apparently huge, and we don’t envy Singer’s position in trying to parse it down to an acceptable run time.

Are you glad to hear Berry’s version of Ororo will still be flying around?

(Via Digital Spy)