Bryan Singer reveals further X-Men: Days of Future Past casting

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Mar 16, 2013, 6:08 PM EDT (Updated)

This time we've got not one, but three more mutants joining the fold.

Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer took to Twitter once again Friday afternoon to tease us with further news of who's joining the X-Men for their latest adventure. Rather than simply tell us the names, though, Singer posted a photo of a wall covered in headshots, three of which we hadn't seen on the cast list before.

Here's the photo:

You probably see a lot of familiar faces there. There's Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Michael Fassbender, Peter Dinklage, Ellen Page and so on, but the three faces on the right side of the bottom row are new. So, who are they?

The one in the center of the bottom row is Daniel Cudmore, who played Colossus in both X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand. So there's yet another returning star for Singer's third X-flick. The actress in the photo to the right of Cudmore is Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who's been a star in Asia for quite some time and is best known for flicks like Double Xposure and Battle of the Warriors (she'll also show up in Iron Man 3 later this year). According to ComingSoon, she'll be playing the mutant Blink.  On the far right is actor Boo Boo Stewart, who's best known for his appearance in The Twilight Saga films. We don't know who he's playing yet, though.

So, that's one returning X-Man and two new mutants for Days of Future Past. It's also worth noting that, according to the way Singer's laid out those photos, there are still six slots left to fill. Who will join the X-Men next?

(Via ComingSoon)

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