Bryan Singer's next project: a TV show called World War III

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Jul 16, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Bryan Singer is having a good day. Today is the 15-year anniversary of X-Men, the first genuine comic-book-to-movie megahit since Superman 2  the 1989 Batman movie (although Blade earned the bucks -- just not the big bucks). Now Spike TV is announcing a new Singer-backed show.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Singer will be executive-producing a television show called World War III. They describe it here:

“As the world’s geopolitical balance shifts and the next global conflict explodes, America’s Heartland will become Occupied Territory. One man with a troubled past will galvanize a Resistance movement, calling upon ordinary citizens to become the extraordinary heroes of WWIII.”

Occupied territory? The Resistance? Sounds a great deal like the trailer for Colony that USA just pushed out. Oh, Hollywood. How you do love a clone

World War III is currently in development, which means that the director and cast have yet to be tapped. But as Singer has a history of writing and directing many of his productions, we would venture to speculate to guess that perhaps maybe it's likely we could see more than executive production work from Singer. We think.

Via HollywoodReporter.