Bryan Singer's Excalibur remake is dead, paving way for more BSG

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

If you, like us, have been waiting with trepidation to see Bryan Singer's take on John Boorman's epic Arthurian movie Excalibur, you can stop waiting, because the planned remake is—to put it mildly—dead in the water.

Singer had announced about two years ago that he would tackle a remake of Excalibur (1981), a film that many fans still consider to be, to this day, the definitive King Arthur movie.

While Singer was attending the annual Sitges Film Festival, the director spoke to SFX about how the deal has fallen through:

"Yeah, unfortunately it is no longer going to happen," he says. "I was really enthused to do it. I'm a fan of John Boorman's movie and it was my intention to get it going after Jack The Giant Killer was completed. The project was with Warner Bros and what happened is that another King Arthur project was brought to them during that time. Basically, it was just more ready to go into production than ours was. That is why our version of Excalibur ended up being negated. But, when that happened, it allowed me to go straight into developing Battlestar Galactica - which I think will be really exciting."

While we're a bit bummed out we won't get to see a new version of Excalibur (though the film's an absolute favorite of ours, it would have been cool to see an updated version—if done right, of course—since it hasn't aged as well as we'd hoped), we're quite excited about the fact that Singer is moving ahead with his reboot of Battlestar Galactica.

Singer's version will have nothing to do with Ron D. Moore's recent successful take on the classic sci-fi series, but will rather be a re-imagining of Glen Larson's 1978 original series, with Larson on board as a producer.

So what do you guys think? Are you disappointed that Warner Bros. has shelved Singer's planned Excalibur remake? Are you thrilled that the director's still going ahead with his own take on Battlestar Galactica? Do you think Bryan Singer can come up with even cooler Cylons than the recent series? But, most importantly, will Starbuck be back to being A MAN?

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