BSG and WWE heavy hitters to go against Riddick!

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

The latest sequel in the Pitch Black series is bringing out the big guns. The cast for Riddick will feature sci-fi/fantasy heavyweights that cover everything from Battlestar Galactica to the Total Recall remake and even the WWE (yeah, they're everywhere).

According to Collider, David Twohy's Riddick is currently in preproduction and the director is busy finalizing his supporting cast. Even though series stars Vin Diesel and Karl Urban are returning as Riddick and Vaako, they're going to need some fresh blood. It's being reported that Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff has been offered a role in the sequel. If she accepts, she'll play Dahl, a Nordic merc who's on the hunt for Riddick.

Andreas Apergis (who appeared on Syfy's Being Human as Ray) has also been offered a part. If he signs on he could play Krone, a commander of the dark theocracy. There are also open slots for Bokeem Woodbine (Total Recall, Devil) and WWE wrestler Dave Bautista, who previously appeared in The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption.

In Riddick, the title character finds himself on the run after being betrayed by his own people. He's left on a desolate planet where he has to continuously fight to survive. Something tells us that most of these new characters are going to make his life miserable!

Riddick is scheduled to hit theaters in 2013.

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