Buffy producer Gail Berman still holding out hope for a revival

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Apr 27, 2017, 2:47 PM EDT (Updated)

As Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrates its 20th anniversary, there's at least one person still holding out hope for a revival — original producer Gail Berman.

The only hold-up? She's just waiting on Joss Whedon to call. Berman chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about the show's legacy, and when the topic of a potential revival came up, Berman seemed to be into the idea. It's just a matter of actually getting Whedon on board and finding a story worth telling after all this time.

Berman really seems to have a lot of passion for the material, and hey, never give up hope. Here’s an excerpt from her comments:

"I would be really happy to get the call from Joss. I have my own thoughts of what it would look like, but my own thoughts are not important. It would be what he thought. I will always let everyone know this is all about Joss. I did everything I knew on how to to be supportive of that, but the stories, the direction, the writing and the tale telling, that's all Joss.

Joss is so adaptable. You saw what he did digitally with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog [which he conceived, self-financed and self-distributed as a web series during the 2007-08 WGA strike]. He knows where his audience is. He knows where to find them. By the way, they know where to find him. He was communicating with his audience right away. He didn't hide. No one was doing that."

Though it sounds like Berman would obviously want Whedon back on board, Buffy is a franchise with a lot of name recognition — and you'd think it's only a matter of time before someone throws enough money at the right people to get it made. With or without Whedon. That almost happened in 2010, but plans for that reboot were mercifully axed.

With Joss' schedule a bit more flexible these days, who knows? Maybe he'll finally clear off some time to return to Sunnydale?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)