Buffy season 10 producers on what comes next, working with Nicholas Brendon

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Jun 26, 2015, 3:22 PM EDT (Updated)

Sure, Buffy the Vampire Slayer might’ve ended more than a decade ago — but the story is still going strong in comic form. So what comes next?

The folks at Bleeding Cool were on hand at Wizard World Portland for a Buffy/Angel panel to discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 10 and Angel and Faith season 9 with writer Christos Gage, artist Rebekah Isaacs and Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie. Both seasons are currently ongoing, and it has now been confirmed they'll run 30 total issues each. 

Gage opened up about the approach they’re taking with the new season, which has the “Scooby Gang” back together again. The comic seasons have been a bit hit and miss across the board, but this sounds like it could definitely make for some extremely fun adventures:

“Season 10 of Buffy opens up with the Scoobies back together for the first time since Season 8. They are back together living in San Francisco. I’ve always felt that what was so great about Buffy was that it takes you through the life stages we all go through, but with a supernatural bend to it. This season is the first step into adulthood. Everyone has responsibilities and decisions that they have to live or die by … literally.”

Gage and Allie also touched on the role former Buffy star Nicholas Brendon, aka Xander, has with the creative team. Brendon expressed an interest a while back in helping write some of the comics, and it sounds like he’s brought some intriguing insight to the project. Plus, Xander is awesome. Everything needs more Xander:

Christos Gage: “Nicholas Brendon has said his personality is like Xander’s except he is into sports and Xander is into nerdy stuff. It’s easy for him to get into Xander’s head. He also suggests a lot of stuff for young Giles since he can relate to him.  There are some characters that I think is probably more challenging for him to get into their heads.”

Scott Allie: “A couple years ago there was a panel that I ended up on with him in San Diego. Afterward Nicky said he would love to talk to us about more stuff. We ended up bringing him on a panel at NYCC, which was really the first time I got to talk to him.We discussed his interest in writing and talked about personal stuff he was working on. We felt that out for about another year and we then invited him to the writer’s summit and everyone really hit it off. We decided the best way for him to contribute was to have him Co-write with Chris. Now he is a pretty regular part of Season 10.”

What’s your take on the current comic season? Do you think Brendon is a good addition to the staff?

(Via Bleeding Cool)