Buffy star calls Joss Whedon-less reboot 'a hideous idea'

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

You've got to sort of feel for the supposed Buffy reboot movie. Every time it gets up to dust itself off, another Buffy TV alum steps in to kick it back down again. This time, it's Tony "Rupert Giles" Head taking the opportunity to lay into the would-be remake.

"[Joss] wasn't asked [to do the movie]—in fact, I think they went to great lengths not to ask him. It's a hideous idea," said Head at a recent press junket. "I think ultimately he had the idea when he was 19, took it around Hollywood and two people said, 'I'll make your movie.' They changed the original concept ... I'm very glad they've done very well with it since, all power to them, but I don't think [you can take] someone's concept and say, 'Actually we're going to remake our concept of somebody else's concept."

Check out video of the interview below.

One minor point of contention—Joss was approached, he just wasn't interested. After all, he's busy with Avengers. In that way, we suppose the invitation was never really serious. Besides, Joss already is working on Buffy—as a comic whose 9th Season is due out early next month.

Does anyone still believe this movie is going to get made? What do you think?

(via eonline)