Buffy's Michelle Trachtenberg joins Sleepy Hollow in first 9 pics from 2015 premiere

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:52 AM EDT (Updated)

The second season of Fox’s surprise hit Sleepy Hollow hasn’t been quite as good as year one, but it started to ramp back up with the midseason finale. Now we have our first look at the 2015 return.

Along with ramping up the world-saving stakes in the wake of a major shift to the show’s mythology that came at midseason, the back half of season two will also see the addition of a fan-fave genre alum in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Michelle Trachtenberg. The former “key” will play Abigail Adams in flashbacks, wife to the country’s second president, John Adams. This being Sleepy Hollow, she’ll also have a shadowy connection to Katrina Crane.

Considering we don’t know much about where the show is heading after taking out one of its founding baddies, these pics provide some nice hints. It seems the flashbacks will definitely play a key role (see: Trachtenberg), along with some nice moments between Ichabod and Katrina as they attempt to salvage their marriage. We also get Ichabod at a farmer’s market. Because … why not?

The pics below come from the first two episodes that will air in 2015, once the show returns Jan. 5 on Fox.

(Via TV Line)