Build your own Stargate using the original 1994 movie blueprints

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Dec 14, 2012

If your attempts to build your own Stargate have been unsuccessful, maybe it's time you got yourself some better blueprints—and not just ANY blueprints, but the original ones used to build the very first Stargate for the 1994 movie.

Over on eBay, Propworx—the same company that was selling those Caprica props we told you about—is auctioning off the four 24" by 36" art department blueprints that were used to create the actual Stargate gate room.

Some people—like these guys—might not need such exacting measurements to build their own Stargate, but as for the rest of us ... well, let's just say we're just not that talented.

Less than two days remain in the auction, so you'd better get those bids in now!

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