Burst your chest with this augmented-reality Alien T-shirt

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Dec 17, 2012

You're a horror fan, and you love freaking out your friends with your own versions of moments from your favorite horror films. But how do you re-create the difficult-to-replicate classics of sci-fi horror, like Alien's infamous chestburster scene? Well, it turns out there's an app for that.

Created by the guys at FingerFunk, this shirt at first appears to just be a simple drawing of the chest-bursting xenomorph. Here's the design:

Pretty straightforward, but it's actually a marker image for a gruesome little augmented-reality effect. Using FingerFunk's free app on your smartphone or tablet, you can turn this simple image into a vicious little xenomorph that comes right out of your chest. Check out the demo:

Pretty cool, right? Think about the fun you could have if you made your own video and emailed it to your mom. Presumably the marker image will work without the shirt, so you can print that bad boy out and experiment with the app right now. If you want the full effect, though, the shirt is available from FingerFunk right here. As for the app, Android users can get it here, while iPhone and iPad users should go here.

(Via io9)