Busing in astronomy

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Jan 6, 2009

If you live in Toronto, you may notice something the next time you take the bus: someone's trying to teach you astronomy.

That someone is Ray Jayawardhana, who has coordinated a public outreach campaign called Cool Cosmos to get the public interested in astronomy. Along with the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics he has created a series of five posters that will go on buses, subways, and streetcars. They're cute, simple, and feature a basic but cool fact. I like this one best:

It says, "Having a long day? It will only get longer. Tides caused by the Moon are slowing down the Earth's spin, making each day a tiny bit longer than the one before."

How cool is that? The others are good too. This is a very clever campaign, and I think at the very least it'll get people thinking about nifty ideas about the Universe. This is being done as a way to celebrate IYA 2009, too, and it's an excellent endeavor.

My one complaint: they should've talked to the folks at Spitzer first about the name. D'oh!

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