Busy Battlestar alum joins ANOTHER upcoming CW sci-fi series

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Aug 22, 2013, 10:31 AM EDT (Updated)

Battlestar Galactica vet Tahmoh Penikett has been popping up in a lot of sci-fi series lately, and the fan-fave actor just added another CW series to his resume.

In addition to his upcoming recurring gig as a fallen angel in season nine of The CW’s Supernatural, Penikett has landed a role on the new futuristic alien series Star-Crossed, where he’ll play a government agent tasked with keeping an eye on the alien integration.

This definitely gives the series, which has been described as Roswell 2.0, a bit of sci-fi clout as it gets ready to debut this fall. Penikett has popped up on everything from Dollhouse to Continuum to Arrow — and he’s typically awesome in any and all roles. Most recently, his smarmy politician character has been a major highlight of Continuum's second season.

Are you glad to see Penikett is joining yet another series? Should he go for The CW trifecta and sneak into buzzy new series The Tomorrow People, as well?

(Via E! Online)