Buttars melted!

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Feb 27, 2006

Pardon the shotgun posting here, but I just learned that an anti-evolution bill proposed by Utah state Senator Buttars has been denied.


It appears the hero (among many) here was Senator Urquhart:

Urquhart opposed Buttars' bill because he doesn't feel that science conflicts with religion and said it was misleading to single out one theory as unproven.

A very telling fact about these misguided legislators like Buttars is that they do indeed single out evolution when they tout phrases like "sound science" and "teach the controversy" (of course, when they start screwing with astronomy, I get even more pissed off). These guys, plain and simple, are injecting religion into legislation, and that's a big no-no.

It's refreshing to see a legislator like Urquhart actually saying science and religion need not be at odds, though to be honest I wish people would simply call a spade a spade: creationism is wrong, and writing it into laws is a First Amendment violation.

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