To buy Walking Dead swag in Portugal, you'll have to pay in blood

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

When you think of The Walking Dead, you tend to think of zombies, entrails and blood. Lots of blood. As it happens, so did Torke+CC, the creative marketing agency hired by Portugal to promote its national blood bank institute. Torke+CC then used The Walking Dead as part of its donor campaign. But just like an episode of the show we know and love, the consultancy couldn't resist a twist. 

At standard blood banks, people tend to get donuts and coffee in exchange for their precious bodily fluids. At San Diego Comic-Con, donors receive goodie bags. But in the video, below, you'll see that Torke+CC created "a blood store, the world's first store where the currency is blood."

You read that right. The currency is blood.

According to the Nerdist

With The Walking Dead Blood Store, participants donated varying amounts of blood and the milliliters served as currency they could use to get Walking Dead merchandise like t-shirts and travel mugs. Torke+CC stated, “The more milliliters of blood given, the more and better the products.”

The blood store was a success, with "a 571% increase in blood donation over the previous year and a 17% increase in viewers for The Walking Dead," wrote the Nerdist.

The video explains that the blood store will be coming to several countries, including the United States. Unfortunately, no dates were mentioned, but we'll keep an ear (and a vein) out for news. 

We think it's a brilliant idea. Just as fabulous: Tchotchkes included T-shirts and water bottles, both of which are necessary to the characters in The Walking Dead.

Via the Nerdist.

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