Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye walk the catwalk in space-themed fashion show

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Feb 4, 2017, 5:00 PM EST

When you think of Buzz Aldrin, you think "second man on the moon."

When you think of Bill Nye, you think "Science Guy."

What you don't think is "fashion runway models."

But now you can, as Aldrin and Nye walked the catwalk on behalf of the launch of Nick Graham's menswear collection for Fall/Winter 2017.

So how do you convince two of our favorite space guys to step away from their science and into the limelight? By giving them something appealing to wear: Graham's collection is entitled "Life on Mars: Fall/Winter 2035" — the year Buzz Aldrin anticipates that humans will reach Mars.

Nye wore a stylish gray suit with a space-themed pattern, while Aldrin wore a more casual bomber jacket and a T-shirt that read, "Get your ass to Mars."

Aldrin, who has degrees in engineering and astronautics, conceived of spacecraft in continuous Earth-Mars "cycler" orbits suitable for bulk cargo: Using gravitational slingshots, one spacecraft will head toward Mars while at the same time another will head toward Earth. The craft would remain in these cycler orbits permanently, and landers will make the journey to and from the surface of each body each time they pass by.

Meanwhile, Nye is the CEO of The Planetary Society, a non-profit founded by Carl Sagan, which promotes space exploration and planetary science. He is also the host of multiple science-based shows such as Bill Nye the Science Guy and the upcoming Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World.

Nick Graham is also selling Bill Nye bow ties; that is, bow ties with a science theme -- patterns include beakers, atoms, rockets and, awesomely, the periodic table of elements.

According to Mogul, Aldrin said, "I’ve walked on the moon, so how hard can it be to walk in a fashion show?"

With his science background, Aldrin made it look as easy as pi.

(via Harper's Bazaar)