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C2E2: Brian Michael Bendis reveals Action Comics #1000 villain, Rogel

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Apr 7, 2018, 2:15 PM EDT

In just a few weeks, DC celebrates the massive landmark of Action Comics #1000 - the first time this record has ever been reached by a comic. We know that Superman's 1,000th issue will feature the hero in full, original regalia, drawn by Jim Lee.

Speaking on a panel at Chicago’s C2E2, comic legend and recently-moved DC writer Brian Michael Bendis (who will make his debut with this issue), talked about even more than his 10-page Superman story with panelmates Philip Tan, Patrick Gleason, Tom King, Clay Mann, and Jill Thompson.

That section features art by DC publisher/legend Jim Lee will be supplemented by two 15-page tales from Superman writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Pat Gleason, as well as Action Comics writer and artist Dan Jurgens - oh, and Superman director Richard Donner, DC president Geoff Johns, as well as Olivier Coipel, Paul Dini, José Luis García-López, Jordie Bellaire, Brad Meltzer, John Cassaday, Laura Martin, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway, Scott Snyder, Tim Sale, and more. Yeah, it's a lot.

So, needless to say, the group had lots to discuss.

Unpublished work from Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and artist Curt Swan are just two of the selling points for the gigantic, 300+ page issue. Bendis' story, titled "The Truth," opens with Superman getting whooped by a brand-new villain named Rogel, after Bendis' nurse from his recent stay in the hospital. The artwork, which you can see above, made its debut at the Chicago fest.

Speaking on her art, Jill Thompson explained that pro wrestler Alex Chamberlain posed for her Superman design, giving a realisitic amount of muscles rippling underneath "a real shirt," rather than "spray paint on muscles." Her story focuses on Clark Kent roasting Lex Luthor at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Tan, who drew the cover of the C2E2 schedule, talked about still being scared of drawing Superman. "He has to look perfect. Darker characters can blend into the shadows, evil characters can look scary," Tan explained. All the panelists agreed that the iconic S was the hardest part of the whole character, but you'll be able to see an endless amount of takes on the logo soon enough.

Action Comics #1000 will be available at comics retailers and digitally on April 18.

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