C2E2: Khary Payton on the Teen Titans movie and why he wants Ezekiel to kill baby Judith on Walking Dead

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Apr 7, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT

BOOYAH! Walking Dead and Teen Titans actor Khary Payton took the SYFY WIRE stage at C2E2 in Chicago to dish on zombies, Cyborg, and breaking into the entertainment industry.

Payton has voiced the character of Cyborg since the original Teen Titans TV series in 2003 and has continued the role into Teen Titans Go! With the show's movie arriving this summer (July 27), Payton jokingly said that it's so funny, he's already soiled several pairs of pants. Sounds like Nicolas Cage won't be the only thing making Teen Titans GO! To the Movies worth the price of admission. 

When conversation turned toward AMC's The Walking Dead, Payton, who plays King Ezekiel, admitted that he'd kill baby Judith (Rick's infant daughter) just so he could bring back his pet tiger, Shiva. "Judith was getting on my nerves the other day," he said, angry that she took the last cookie he wanted to eat. "How dare you, young lady. Don't you look at me with those doleful eyes." While he admitted Simon would be a better victim, Payton didn't want to kill Steven Ogg's character, but punish him by shaving off his moustache. But what Payton wants more, above all else, is for the show to take "a field trip" to Washigton, D.C. since the Alexandria Safe-Zone is so close to the Capitol. 

Talking about The Walking Dead's fight scenes on the show, the actor revealed that the battles against Walkers are a little more improvisational and that if you've got a free hand or weapon, you'll be asked to stab a zombie in the eye or whatnot right before the cameras start rolling. On the other hand, the human-on-human fights are a lot more coreographed, sometimes for a week or more ahead of time. 

No matter what character of Payton's you admire, he's got a ton of admiration for the fans who cosplay as Cyborg and Ezekiel at conventions, especially when they take place over the summer. That's because if you're gonna wear a long wig or heavy metal armor, you'll have melted into a puddle by the day's end, he explained. 

Head to 1:10:05 in the stream below for Khary's full panel. 

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