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C2E2: Legends of Tomorrow's Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, and Dominic Purcell talk season four

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Apr 7, 2018, 4:56 PM EDT

The Arrowverse is one of the strangest, most ambitious, and downright fun places for superheroes to exist in the currently saturated media landscape, so standing out from those DC shows takes a little oomph. Thankfully, Legends of Tomorrow is nothing but oomph.

The show has recently added Constantine as a series regular (he cannot die, he really can’t), who won't be living with the rest of the heroes, and will bring a few other changes to season four. Speaking at two panels at Chicago’s C2E2, Legends of Tomorrow actors Dominic Purcell (Heatwave), Caity Lotz (White Canary), and Brandon Routh (The Atom) talk about bringing their superheroes to life in one of DC’s most bananas TV offerings - and saying goodbye to those they've left behind.

"Our characters are VERY close to who we are," said Lotz. As the seasons go on, the writers get to know the actors and begin fleshing out the characters to err closer to the personalities of the actors playing them. That's what's led to Purcell becoming a more sardonic voice on the show and learn to not take himself too seriously, the actor says. It's also allowed Routh to infuse some of his sunny philosophy into The Atom - no matter how hard things get for the character.

Speaking on where these characters could go in the future, the topic of where in history they'd most like to take their Legends. Lotz, citing a recent rewatch of The Prince of Egypt, chose Egypt while Routh claimed the Revolutionary War - two temporal locales that were explored in the show, only with other characters.

Time travel continued to be the topic of discussion, with Lotz saying that she would travel to the past just to be "a fly on the wall," but not to change anything. Routh agreed, while doubling-down on avoiding the future. Fielding a few oddball questions, Lotz explained that "capes are like heels." Impractical, yes, but wow, do they look cool. Edna Mode would approve. Purcell was adamant about answering nothing with some trademark taciturn tight-lippedness.

A few of the small tidbits about next season that were dropped was the much-anticipated reunion between Ray Palmer and his brother, Sydney - and the sad revelation that Captain Cold's sister doesn't know he's dead. These decisions - as well as some of the time travel inconsistencies - are things that, as Routh said, the actors used to question in seasons one and two. But now, hey, they just do what's in the script, no matter how off-the-wall.