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C2E2: Mark Millar confirms that two Kingsman sequels are in the works

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Apr 6, 2018, 4:40 PM EDT

There is more news from Mark Millar out of C2E2 today, as the creator of the comics behind the Kingsman movies confirmed that not one, but two additional Kingsman films are in the works. 

Asked by SYFY WIRE's own Mike Avila if we could expect another film in the series (coming after last year's Kingsman: The Golden Circle), Millar responded with, "Oh, no doubt. Matthew [Vaughan] actually has a plan for two more." 

He added that one of the scripts for the potential film is almost finished, and that Jane Goldman (the co-writer of both of the previous Kingsman films) is working with director Matthew Vaughan on them. When asked whether Elton John might return, Millar said that they didn't want to ever come close to repeating themselves (he also joked that the heightened Kingsman version of Elton John deserves his own film), and that "whatever James Bond is doing, we try to do the opposite." 

Aside from things in the world of Kingsman, Millar also doubled down on his statements about Marvel movies vs. DC movies — though he loves DC (with Superman being his all-time favorite comic character), he maintains that Marvel characters have way more flaws, and that is why they are more interesting to watch. The Marvel films may be more successful than the DC films because, as he says, Marvel is like a soap opera, and DC is more of a fairy tale. Batman aside, he maintains that many of the DC staples are akin to gods, and therefore, they aren't as interesting on film. 

Regarding this, he also adds that "not everything has to be a movie." Apparently, that logic does not extend to Kingsman sequels, and we are grateful for that. 

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