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C2E2: Mark Millar names Thor: Ragnarok his favorite Marvel movie, discusses comic future

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Apr 22, 2018, 2:12 PM EDT (Updated)

Mark Millar has a lot of balls in the air. The comic giant has been creating original stuff on his own imprint and adapting some of his older work for Netflix since the streaming giant bought the rights to all his Millarworld properties last year. That means there’s hardly time for anything else — especially a return to one of the Big Two.

The comic kingpin spoke on a panel at Chicago’s C2E2 about the future of Hit-Girl, American Jesus, and his favorite superhero films. Before that, though, he discussed the development of Millarworld — which actually had an origin with Marvel. "I was interviewing Stan Lee and doing big books at Marvel," Millar said, "But Lee said, 'You should think about doing your own thing.' I was happy to be working but Stan said to me, 'Go off on your own and try something.' " He began work on his own projects quickly after.

Those projects include the 17 sold to Netflix and the planned 29 over the next few years — including sequels — a number which likely includes new American Jesus. When asked about book two, Millar confirmed that the book will be released very soon — by the end of this year. That falls into the "seven years roughly mapped out" of comic creation he's got planned, including the upcoming "magic meets the mob" Netflix series and comic The Magic Order, which he describes as "If you liked Harry Potter when you're 10, this is for you at 25." They live in Chicago and protect the world from the supernatural, using The Sopranos as a touchstone.

Millar's newest developments aside from that original property include a new Kingsman comic, a new Kick-Ass comic, and a possible Hit-Girl spin-off title. When asked about the latter, Millar said that "Matthew Vaughn and I were talking on the phone this week" about wanting to do more. "But," he asked, "could you do it without Chloe Moretz? She WAS Hit-Girl." This superhero talk transitioned to talk of the MCU and DCEU.

Millar shouted out Taika Waititi for the director's Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Thor: Ragnarok, which is his "favorite Marvel movie." He describes the latest Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy series as more fun and more in line with his tastes than some of the Avengers films.

As far as DC movies go, he always "hopes for the best" and "is really counting on Aquaman" thanks to the direction of James Wan. So, as far as Millar's concerned, Waititi's silliness is tops and the DCEU still has to prove themselves (though he did concede that Wonder Woman was the universe's best film).

Watch the video from the full panel below:

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