C-3PO goes all Samuel L. Jackson in hilarious NSFW Star Wars dub

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Dec 15, 2012

If the one thing you wished George Lucas would've changed for the Star Wars Blu-rays was eliminating the persnickety whinyness of the gold-plated protocol droid, then this fan-made video is right up your alley.

Luke Skywalker wasn't the only biped moaning like a child when Uncle Owen went shopping for droids that sun-shiny day on Tatooine in A New Hope. C-3PO was also in rare form ... a form that's now nowhere near as rare as this take on what a protocol droid from the rough part of Tatooine would sound like.

In truth, the response to every question C-3PO is ever asked should be: "I don't need this. Darth Vader built me."

(via Nerd Bastards)

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