Cabin in the Woods director reveals we nearly had an EPIC videogame

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Jul 4, 2015, 1:19 PM EDT

Frequent Joss Whedon collaborator and Cabin in the Woods writer Drew Goddard recently did a Q&A with fans, and we learned some pretty cool stuff about the quirky horror film that (finally) could. The coolest? They were planning a videogame that sounds pretty freaking mind-blowing.

Goddard did an Ask Me Anything over at Reddit, and one tidbit that surfaced was the fact that a crossover videogame with popular series Left 4 Dead was planned in the form of an expansion pack. It would have opened up both the house and the other facilities for full-on videogame carnage.

If you've seen the movie, you can only imagine just how cool this could have been.

Sadly, when MGM found itself on the verge of bankruptcy and the film was delayed indefinitely, the plan was scrapped:

"The game was gonna be amazing. You were gonna be able to play in both the upstairs Cabin in the Woods world and the downstairs 'facility' world with all the monsters. Believe me, I HATE all video games based on movies, they always suck, but porting Cabin into Left For Dead felt like the right fit. It pains me that it didn't happen."
Oh, we can only dream. But, can someone please make a patch that lets me fight a merman? Now!

(Reddit via MTV)