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Gaming: Call of Cthulhu debuts gameplay footage, Bless Unleashed heads to Xbox One, Dead by Daylight teases samurai DLC

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Aug 27, 2018, 10:55 AM EDT

It’s been a big month for gaming, and it’s not over yet. Spanning killers, dragons, and unthinkable horrors, new games and game add-ons are launching left and right.

First up, let’s talk Lovecraft. It seems foolish to ask why so many games are tapping into the horror author’s lore when the very focus of the lore is on unanswerable questions and diminishing sanity. So when Cyanide Studio’s Call of Cthulhu released its first look at how the game is played, fans were ready to watch it without being reduced to a gibbering cultist.

Check it out:

Exploring the game’s clue-gathering and conversational mechanics (along with plenty of hokey voice work), the video explains the options available to the detective protagonist as he investigates the deaths of the Hawkins family. The sanity mechanics, which make the game truly feel like it has Old Ones in it, weren’t touched on in the video, however. Call of Cthulhu hits stores on Oct. 30.


Next, according to Polygon, Bandai Namco is bringing the PC MMORPG Bless Online to consoles with Bless Unleashed. The free-to-play game will have traditional MMO components like competitive and cooperative gameplay between players, different classes, and a skill progression based in both story and combat. Bless Online is a pretty standard fantasy world, where dragons and magic flavor a two-kingdom conflict.

The game will be heading to Xbox One in 2019.


Finally, multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight teased a new samurai-themed DLC pack titled “First Cut,” which looks to offer a new kind of killer for the murder-vs.-survivor gameplay.

Check it out:

Hang on, is this Shogun World? Where’s Maeve? The bloody, gratuitous clip features only a few snippets of Japanese in addition to its slices and screams, but according to the game’s community moderator, localization lead, and Twitter user @don_21st, here’s what the dialogue translates to:

“There is no point, dear daughter. We are born to die. The more we wait, the more pain we carry.” That’s definitely in the spirit of the serial killer game, which already features The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Saw characters.