Can DC's motion comic commercials sell The New 52?

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT

Let it never be said that DC isn't throwing its promotional weight behind its superhero relaunch. In addition to all the print press so far (and there's been quite a bit), it has finally begun releasing trailers to the general public to hype them up for the 52 number-one issues due out starting Aug. 31. Are they effective?

Motion comics are nice to look at, that much is true. They are also a way to try and pull in new readers who aren't used to reading comics but enjoy traditional animation. The trailers themselves focus on DC's three most famous characters--Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman--but also give brief glimpses of the additional catalog. That's the good.

The less-than-good is that there is still very little incentive to pick up these issues. Why not a focus on how this is the perfect entry point for new fans? We get that the artwork looks good and is worth spotlighting, but it still doesn't tell people new to DC what the big picture is.

What we're saying is, there should have been more. If the motion comic route is the path they want to take, why not go whole hog and actually release five-minute-or-so shorts, including voice acting, to introduce some of the heaviest-hitting new issues? In fact, why not do the same for the relatively unknown titles, too?

As it stands, we doubt very much this latest round of advertising will change anyone's mind. If you were planning to read it, you still will. If you were angry or didn't care, you probably won't feel any more inclined to give the relaunch a try.

How about you? Are you on board with the New 52?