Can it be? The White House lying about science?

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Feb 8, 2007

Ask Chris Mooney. He caught them red-handed, lying about the President's stance on global warming.

It's this simple, folks: the White House lies about science. Every time? Maybe not, but having spent time in Vegas I can tell you it's the the way to bet. Over and over again, we see them manipulating the truth (i.e. lying) whenever some scientific evidence (fact) comes out that goes against whatever policy (insanity) they are promoting (shilling).

In science, a basic premise is "Assume a statement is false and investigate". This works well when dealing with the natural world, so you can make sure you're not fooling yourself. It's time -- way, way past time-- for everyone to apply this to all aspects of life.

Especially anything this Administration says. It really is that simple.

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