Can you name all the cartoon themes in this brilliant orchestral medley?

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Mar 27, 2014, 3:14 PM EDT (Updated)

From Merrie Melodies to robots in disguise to Family Guy, these artists bring the songs of our youthful hearts to life.

I love Mister Rogers as much as the next man of a certain age, but I always thought he was too dismissive of the animated medium. And the thing I think I loved best about my favorite cartoons growing up was something more than the animation -- it was the music. Some of the best scores and theme tunes of all time come out of TV animation.

Here, straight out of Carnegie Hall, a group of musicians gathers and invites us to listen and name the 43 tunes. The best part? They give us hints along the way in the most fun way possible -- by adding animations to themselves!

How many were you able to get? And which theme song is your favorite?

(via YouTube)