Can the official Voltron movie be better than this haunting fan film?

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 15, 2012

While the powers that be get the officially sanctioned Voltron movie up on its robotic feet, a band of committed fans—and a genre-friendly actor—have cooked up Voltron: The End, a requiem for a fallen Lion.

Directed by Alex Albrecht and starring Timothy Omundsen (Jericho, Psych), this short elegy tells of the last moments of the pilot of the Red Lion, a man faced with a crippling decision.

No, there's not a lot of action, and having a real actor at the center of this sci-fi character piece helps elevate what could be a pedestrian effort. But the tone is what works here. Sometimes treating something silly as if you don't know it's silly goes a very long way.

(via GeekTyrant)

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