Canadian Trekkies graffiti their $5 bills into Spock in honor of Leonard Nimoy

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Mar 2, 2015

In case you didn’t know, former Canadian Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier has a passing resemblance to Spock. So after Leonard Nimoy passed away, Canadian Trekkies got the ballpoint pens out to offer up a quirky little tribute.

This obviously isn’t the first time Canadians have noticed Laurier’s likeness to Spock, but Nimoy’s tragic passing has spurred a whole new rush of Canadians to “Spock” their $5 bills. It takes a bit of creativity, and you have to tweak the ears a bit, but the examples below (of both the new and old $5 bill designs) show that Laurier can easily be transformed into a spot-on rendition of Spock.

Heck, even the blue shade of the bill matches up pretty close to Spock’s uniform. The Canadian government obviously frowns heavily upon drawing on currency — but those “Spock” bills are still legal tender.

Way to get creative, Canadians. Live long and prosper. 

(Via Mashable)

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