Canadians want 'Capt. Kirk,' William Shatner, as gov. general!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Last year, we ran a story about Star Trek's William Shatner and his desire to be prime minister of his native Canada, while turning down a suggestion that he take up the largely ceremonial role of governor general of the country.

I don't think the Montreal-born erstwhile Capt. Kirk was a serious contender for prime minister, but he's apparently still a favorite to take over the job of governor general—the viceregal representative of England's Queen Elizabeth II to the Great White North—when the current officeholder, Michaëlle Jean, steps down this year, at least according to a report this week in the Globe and Mail:

This week, The Mark, an on-line political publication, got into the act. And its web readers have spoken—they want William Shatner beamed into Rideau Hall. As unscientific as it is, The Mark asked readers to vote on who should replace Ms. Jean after it asked 10 Canadians from all sorts of different disciplines and areas to nominate their pick for the vice-regal post.

Mr. Shatner, Star Trek's Captain James T. Kirk is winning handily in their poll. He has 39 per cent of the votes compared to 14 per cent for Rick Hansen, who is in second place.

Last year, Shatner brushed off suggestions that he be named governor general, saying: "I must, with my deepest thanks, turn down your honorable intent to advance me as governor general. Besides which, I don't have time to be governor general. ... As prime minister I can lead Canada into even greater exploits."

But it seems Shatner has reconsidered, as he's re-tweeting the news of his standing in the polls on his Twitter feed, which he always endearingly signs "My best, Bill":

I'm being drafted by various groups to run for Governor General. Would they accept me if I campaign for salmons' rights? My best, Bill

Shatner was nominated by Pat Tanzola, a former editor-in-chief of the Queen's Journal and now a web manager at the University of Toronto. Check out the Facebook page promoting Shatner's bid to be governor general.

How can Canada refuse Capt. Kirk?

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