Cancelled animated DC series Young Justice coming back to life for new crossover

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Aug 7, 2014, 7:07 PM EDT (Updated)

Fans are still raw about the 2013 cancellation of the acclaimed Cartoon Network animated series Young Justice, but it seems the DC team will finally get one last shot at the small screen.

Sadly, it won’t come in the form of a miniseries to wrap up the show’s lingering plot threads, but Cartoon Network has confirmed that the characters from DC’s Young Justice will return as part of a crossover with the wackier, ongoing Teen Titans GO! series.

There have been rumblings of a crossover for a while, and Warner Bros. Animation finally confirmed the plan to Newsarama, along with the vague logline that teases: ”After being scolded by the superhero team from Young Justice for their silliness and hijinks, the Titans decide to get more serious about superheroing.”

Cartoon Network has had a lot of luck with creating some good animated DC series; they just end up canceling them after one or two seasons. If you’re unfamiliar, Young Justice essentially followed sidekicks (but don’t call them sidekicks) who team up as a teenage version of the Justice League.

The cast consisted of Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing), Wally West (Kid Flash), Conner Kent (Superboy), Megan Morse (Miss Martian), Roy Harper (Red Arrow/Arsenal), etc. It was a solid series, and fans even tried to mount a crowdfunding effort to bring it back for a third season, to no avail. We still don’t know exactly how the gang will fit into Teen Titans GO!, but we’re at least glad to hear they’re coming back.

(Via Newsarama)