Can't wait until midnight? Gandalf preps Bilbo in new Hobbit clip

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

We're just a few precious hours away from the midnight premiere of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. But if the suspense is killing you, we have an intriguing new clip that should help tide you over.

The new clip shows a scene between Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and Gandalf (Ian McKellen) in what appear to be the waning hours before Bilbo decides to join the dwarves on their journey. It's a great bit to show off their friendship and Gandalf's history with Bilbo's family.

Plus, it just builds on that great Middle-earth mythology via McKellen's storytelling chops. That guy could make a phonebook sound interesting.

It's a fairly slow scene, but it seems like Jackson is giving the story time to breathe. Only time will tell if he's paced it a little too slow for a compelling trilogy.

Check out the new clip below:

What'd you think? Will you be hitting up a midnight screening of The Hobbit?